Bid Calling Boot Camp with Junior Staggs

The Bid Calling Boot Camp is unlike ANY other Advanced Auctioneering Class on the market, in that it is totally designed around the needs of each group of attendees.

The BID CALLING BOOTCAMP is also the ONLY Advanced Auctioneering Class with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply put, “If you’re not satisfied with what we cover in class, YOU DO NOT PAY”

My Promise to YOU

“I know how difficult it is to “make it” in this industry. It’s also scary making transitions in your business and trying things you’re not familiar with. The Bid Calling Boot Camp is a controlled environment and is a completely “Judgement free zone”. We’ll laugh, cry, and hopefully grow and learn together as auction professionals. I strive to be an “Open Book” during this class. I am willing to share anything I have learned or experienced in my auction career; Good, Bad, or Indifferent. “  – Junior Staggs, CAI